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Do you feel like your life is full of tasks to do? Of promises to keep? Of dreams to be accomplished one day that never comes? You never have the time to do all of them. Probably not even 25% of what you intend to do every day. Productivity gurus have been preaching for a long time about the bad time management culture that dominates our daily life. Being TIME the thing we desire the most… why do we waste it so lightheartedly?

triskellion logoGameLearn, a company specialized in soft-skill training video games, developed Triskelion to combat this daily human fight against time and frustration. Be prepared to enroll in a quest that will take you to Cairo, Rome, Madrid or Petra in search of the key to happiness. We cannot reveal its hidden secret, you will have to play the game to find out, but we can give you a hint: happiness totally depends on how you handle your life’s details.

Triskelion is a graphic adventure to be played on your computer, structured in 21 simulated days in the life of professor Robert Wise. He is in the verge to lose the founding of his most beloved project. To avoid it, he will need to push his investigation on the matter: philosopher Seneca and his secret society.

Involved in the mysteries of History and Time, players will need to manage mail, organize tasks, attend meetings, make in-person visits and travel to exotic locations without forgetting about family, friends, health and stress.

triskellionThe game format is the key to the excellent opinion of users. The “Learn by Doing” is the most successful way to learn anything and soft-skills are not an exception. Usually learned through manuals and seminars, soft-skills training is considered in most companies a waste of time and resources. Usually, the concepts learned don’t stick in our minds and we soon forget everything. We didn’t have the opportunity to experience with this new knowledge! Triskelion forces you to use your time-management skills step by step and also forces you to make mistakes, the best way to learn and never forget.

Hyundai, Kellog’s, Ericsson, Burger King, eBay… employees all over the world have already played and data is amazing. 90% of players finish the game. 99% of them apply what they learned to their jobs. 98% would recommend it to other colleagues. A competitive mode allows employees to compare their progress and performance with those of their peers making the “study time” even more interesting.
logo gamelearnWould I recommend it? Totally.
As a person who daily struggles with several professional projects, language studies, a website and a family, the sense of being blocked and overwhelmed by daily tasks is almost constant. It is not that Triskelion is going to change your life (though some students say so) but it can equip you with patterns to follow and key mistakes to avoid. Of course, the work won’t end with the game. You will have to actively apply techniques and organization to your real life, adapting it to your personal situation and preferences. Happiness is not an easy quest, but Triskelion seems a good starting point. 

Want to know more about Triskelion? Then visit GameLearn’s web page to learn more about the game or write them for more info. You can also take a look to the game trailer below.

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