Don’t get fired! Play to burn your life in exchange of money

dont-get-fired-featuredStruggling in your real life to find and keep a job? Then it is time for ‘meta’! Help this guy to fight for his dream job even if you need to burn his life in exchange for money. It is worth it… isn’t it?

After years trying to make a career in the demanding Korean game industry, Quick Turtle developers decided to create a game to reflect the complicated job situation in the country. Random firing, fierce competition, endless workload, brainless managers and lots of black humor is what you will find playing the RPG ‘Don’t get fired!’ A smart mobile game to denounce but also bring some hope to the tough world of daily work.

dont-get-fired-gameplaydont-get-fired-resignationYou will start the game as an intern, full of illusion and energy. Well, in fact, that’s not true, you will start the game being rejected from an alarming number of companies, but anyway… Once you reach the desk, you will face the real world! Attend your colleagues demands as soon as possible even if the files you need to process pile up like a skyscraper. Not enough time to work on all of them? Touch your character and literally burn his life in a sort of rage-energy boost. Yes, your life bar will decrease, but experience and chances of promotion will rise up. Just be careful and don’t burn it all!

Would you like to make more money? Try to see some ads while working though you have the chance to get caught and being fired. This is one of the smartest ways to include advertisement in the gameplay loop: you will be eager to see the icon announcing you have this ‘side-job’ waiting for you every now and then!

dont-get-fired-too-sickIf being promoted it’s too tiring, you can use the money you earn to buy some upgrades: more life, speed working, speech abilities. Who knows? Everything counts in your chances to rise up the corporative ladder. You will save money working or buying it through in-app purchases.

And after all your hard job, you will be… fired! That’s the way it is, so don’t take it personally! There are 29 different ways to get fired in this game and, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to see most of them. Soon in the game, you will be alerted of your low survival chances by hilarious characters in cutscenes that you shouldn’t skip. The humour behind all these lines is one the most valuable assets in this game and also, an encouragement to get back on your feet no matter what.

You can download ‘Don’t get fired’ for free for your Android or iOS device and take a look at the gameplay video below in case you are curious about the game.

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