Bounden – A two-players mobile game to make you dance

Bounden-DancingPeople2Willing to a dance? Bounden makes it easy for you or at least really fun. Pick up your phone, a partner and start moving around the room. The rules? Each of you will have to put one thumb on one side of the screen and keep it there. The screen shows a sphere and round markers around it. Your goal is to hit the markers with a tiny reticle you control by twisting around in unison with your partner and the music. So if dancing is difficult, imagine doing it holding a phone, keeping your attention on the screen and bumping your best friend!

Bounden was developed by Game Oven in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet, in charge of creating part of the routines you will be challenged with. Part of the fun is giving up one challenge for impossible, and then watching the real dancers performing the dance in the correct way, in videos offered inside the app. If your prefer learning how the professionals do it or just having fun twisting and twirling around it is sure that you won’t stay sitting on the couch. And this is what we love the most about this game.

This is not the only multi-player app developed by Game Oven. Bam fu, another of their games, allow up to 4 people playing at the same time fighting over the same pebbles. Could this kind of apps bring to the digital world the face-to-face fun of board games?

You can download Bounden for around 3€ from iPhone and Android app stores, but first, don’t forget to take a look to their great trailer. Let’s Dance!!



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