The Future of Gamification in 20 sentences

Gamification World Congress left us with a lot to think about. We have gathered here the most interesting ideas that are shaping how Gamification will grow and hopefully change how we study, work and live our everyday lives. Be inspired by the best GWC speakers!

  1. Adding points, badges and leaderboards is not enough to create a successful gamified tool – @yukaichou
  2. If you think about Gamification as a magical tool that will boost your profits and users’ engagement, you will be dissapointed – @melindajacobs
  3. Just playing games doesn’t qualify you to be a game designer – #GWC15
  4. If you are not enjoying it, your audience and clients won’t enjoy it either #GWC15
  5. What do we enjoy about games that we should apply to Gamification? S.A.P.S.! Status, Access, Power and Stuff – @eMee_Insightsgwc15-speakers
  6. Companies cannot just release a Gamification platform without a goal, a thoughtful design, a solid structure and a narrative. Nail these three and you will be able to achieve anything you plan for your company – @melindajacobs
  7. When gamifying ask yourself: Are your programs adding flab or muscle? – @eMee_Insights
  8. Active learning is more effective than lecturing @greenhatpeople
  9. No matter the reward system, the best games are fun to play even without it @Gamifier1
  10. 80% of current Gamified applications will fail due to poor design! @mich8elwufeatured-GWC15
  11. We, as Gamification professionals, are underselling ourselves treating our work like something unpredictable. It is predictable and can be designed with data and results, so start thinking about yourselves as Behavioral Engineers @gzicherm
  12. Just 3 minutes of an embodied experience could produce a behavioral result @Jakob_Gleechi
  13. True loyalty is like true love. It’s irrational, hard to find & needs constant effort – @daverage
  14. The current problem when gamifying in a company is that the decision-makers are dinosaurs that have never played games @MichielvanEunen
  15. Women pay 87% more than men. So keep an eye on the girls when Gamifying! – @AnCoppens 

How Gender affects Gamification? – An Coppens

16. Sometimes Gamification is not the solution – @melindajacobs

17. Conversation is the “New Black”. Use it in your Gamification projects! – @b_crespo

18. Intrinsic Motivation is always better! – @sven_juergens

19. What Gamification needs is a flexible, reusable system for behavior design. If we treat Gamification as engineering, we will be able to replicate success, just like a bridge or a skyscraper – @gzicherm

20. Life is too short to waste on playing bad games – @yukaichou

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The Octalysis Model – Yu-kai Chou

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