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CONFERENCE IN A TWEET: Women pay 87% more than men. So Keep an eye on the girls! @AnCoppens #GWC15 @GamificationNat @OnSeriousGames

IDG-Research-Gender-InfographicWhen considering how to design a gamified experience, it is important to take into account: women and men think different and are motivated by different things. Some of those differences are culturally designed. When a girl reaches 5 to 6 years old, she starts to be exposed to different environments than boys so the gender roles are set really soon in life.

How does this affect gender approach to gamification? Let’s review a few tips on the matter:

  • For a woman, laugh depends on the state of the brain. Today a woman can laugh about something that tomorrow won’t be funny for her. Men, on the other hand, laugh easier.
  • If women feel they don’t have a chance to win, 45% of women won’t engage in the challenge. This also applies when talking about applying for a job.
  • Women communicate differently than men. They write more detailed reports and take into account facilitating the receiver the understanding of the announcement. Men use short texts.
  • When showing visuals, women want to be reminded about the best version of themselves. Men are engaged by aspirational visuals.
  • Women look for stories that draw them in. Men are engaged by facts and proof
  • Women look for a solution in the long-run. Men aspire to solve today’s problem
  • Women don’t enjoy gadgetry as much as men so they usually prefer easy and intuitive UX

It shouldn’t be just about game mechanics but when you are developing them, you should use emotions, moods indicators, stories, collaboration…

And why does this matter? Of course it is a social issue but it is also about economic data: Women pay 87% more than men. So if you want to be successful you should keep an eye on the girls!

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