The Dancing Traffic Light: Gamifying waiting

In July 2014, Lisbon woke up to find a new guy in town: a dancer trapped inside the traffic lights. Like us, the little red guy inside the traffic light hates to wait. Imagine you are that figure. Always standing. Always alerting others to wait. Always receiving stern looks from the passerbies, forcing them to stop. He was sad. And bored!

How could he make pedestrians have more fun while waiting for the green light to cross the street? Easy! Gamify waiting! Kill the boredom!

The Dancing Traffic Light Manikin was a branding campaign by Smart and another proof of two things: One, Gamification is amazing for branding. This video has overtaken 11 million visits on Youtube. Second, people love fun! Wouldn’t you love to find the little red guy having move to your neighborhood?

About Belén Gómez

Graduate in Communications, Movie Direction and finishing a degree in English Language and Literature, her multidisciplinary career includes TV and movie direction, script-writing, video games localization, game design, international project management and multi-platform video game production. Curious about everything, she divides her time between, Serious Games projects, any Assassin’s Creed title and her Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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