Ingress: Conquer the world while exercising

Ingress_logo_512pxThe world is not what you think it is. Around your house, your restaurant, even in your favourite park, a battle is going on. A battle for the minds of the population. Would you like to help forge the future? Welcome to Ingress.

Ingress is an augmented reality game that allows players to interact with the real world while fighting for their faction. The world has been invaded by a strange energy: the exotic matter. Those who believe that this energy could be used to take the human race to the next step are called The Enlightment. Those afraid of the consequences of using this energy, are known as The Resistance. All around the world agents of both factions try to conquer as much territory as possible. How do they do it? Just walking around with their phones!

Grey portals are unconquered ones. Go for them!

Grey portals are unconquered ones. Go for them!

Usually games force you to stay indoors while playing. On the contrary, Ingress encourages you to go outside and visit the landmarks around your city. Every landmark is a portal that needs to be conquered and the GPS in your mobile phone will help you to locate them. The player will gain the necessary “mana” or “XP” just walking around the city. This XP will be used to attack enemy portals, acquire new ones or defend your faction domains. The complexity of the game of course goes further, but you can find more about strategies, details and factions visiting the online communities and finishing the tutorial missions.

Would you like to go for a walk around your neighborhood? Sign in to any of the missions that Ingress has prepared for you. Fifteen minutes, thirty, one hour… choose the time you have available and follow the instructions. You will be lead to the most interesting points in your area. Why not learning more about the place you live in while conquering the world? Not only monuments, palaces and churches are listed as landmarks, there is also a predominant place for street art. Players can contribute to the game sending photos of the landmarks or submitting new possible portals to be considered by the Ingress team.

But, who is behind this virtual world? Maybe you have heard about its developer: Google Inc. The giant Google with its mapping technology is probably the only one able to provide this kind of service. In the beginning, the photos identifying portals where extracted from Panoramio. Now, the agents are the ones in charge. Free updating of Google’s databases of info and photography!

An interesting game that forces you to exercise and goes way further than the usual gamified apps. Ingress is not only about earning points and medals to encourage you to go for a walk. Ingress adds the storytelling and fun that gamified experiences usually forget to include. You will also need to team up with people in your area to organize your tactics. USA, China, South Africa, Japan, Germany, France, Spain… no matter where you are, you will find the Ingress world waiting for you. Choose your side now!

You can download Ingress from your usual store (Google Play, Apple) or visit the game’s website.


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