Game Dev Story or How is it like to Develop your own Video Games

Game Dev Story IconIf you ever wanted to know how a video game studio works, this is your perfect chance! Face the challenges, ups and downs of the video games industry from the 1980’s until today. Develop the coolest games choosing from a wide variety of possibilities. Will you play safe developing a Fantasy RPG? Or would you try to make a difference creating a Romance/Ninja game?

Game Dev Story Interface

Will you develop the next big hit?

Like any other Serious Game, Game Dev Story has a value that other games usually lack: it can make you really understand how is it like to become someone else. RPGs claim also to do this, but usually they put you in the boots of a fantasy warrior, an orc, an elf archer an so on. Serious Games show you how it is to be another “real” someone. Game Dev Story allows you to practice how the video games industry could have been, with you in the eye of the hurricane. How cool is that!?

As the studio manager, the budget is all in your hands. Every now and then new consoles will be released and you will have to consider if buying a license is worth it or not. Will you attend GameDex, the biggest video game’s congress, this year? Will you sponsor a car race to make a solid name for you in the industry? Maybe you would like to hire that famous comic artist to deal with your game’s graphics… It is all up to you!

This business simulation game has been specially created for those nostalgic gamers that grew up with 16/32/64-bits consoles or even previous ones. The graphics have an 8-bits style that could discourage some players but will really appeal to many others. The game will be probably better received by gamers or people interested in the video games industry though anyone could use some knowledge about what it takes to release even the tiniest game.

Game Dev Story Consoles

Choose your next project’s platform

Game Dev Story, by developer Kairosoft, is also full of tips, jokes and references that any video games addict will instantly catch. Would you be able to save enough money to develop games for the Game Kid, Uranus or Play Status 2? How about hiring that weird guy Gilly Bates? Keep playing to unlock special characters and job types or developing your very own console. Who knows! Maybe you will even beat your competitors Intendro and Senga!

To try your best and download the game now! Click here for Android, or here for iOS version. You can enjoy a lite version to take a first look to the game.

Which SIM games made you lose your mind and play for hours? Share them just posting a comment down here!



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  1. Imagine if they had implemented all the console hardware in the game… that would be a so serious game 🙂

  2. I loved playing first version of now-classic Prince of Persia.. Grey-scale monitor, 3.5inch diskettes… What a time! Congrats for your web!

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