Gamification World Congress 2015 is almost here!!

logo_GWCFor the 4th year, Gamification World Congress is just around the corner. From 10 to 13 November at Fira de Barcelona, gamification experts from all around the world will gather to share the future of Gamification and Serious Games. Are you going to miss it?

60 international top speakers will be presenting their projects and ideas, among them, gamification experts like Gabe Zichermann (Dopamine), Sylvester Arnab (SGI), You-Kai Chou (Octalysis Group), Michael Wu (Lithium) and well-known companies pioneers in applying Serious Games and Gamification technics to their business: Accenture, Mapfre, Telefonica, BBVA… You can take a look to the whole list visiting the GWC15 website.

GWC-Gabe-ZichermannBut what is this all about? As we have discussed lots of times at On Serious Games, gamification and Serious Games try to change the way we think about business, education and health. It is time to forget words like “sacrifice” or “pain” and exchange them for “motivation” and “fun”.

This year’s congress will be especially focused on gamification applied to improve business processes. Be prepared to discover what is going on with Advergaming (video games for branding), game-based learning (learning by playing), growth hacking (explosive marketing technics) and newsgames (translating news into Serious Games) the next big thing in media.

If you still haven’t bought your tickets, there is still time to benefit from some discounts. Click here for more info and take a look to the whole Agenda. The best thing is that 10€ from your ticket fee will be donated to Juegaterapia, an amazing Spanish initiative to improve the lives of hospitalized children with cancer, providing them with consoles and video games. Juegaterapia also raises funds to build gardens and playgrounds in hospitals rooftops.

1.200 people. 25 countries. 4 days. 60 conferences. And less than 15 days to go!! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to have first-hand news from the inside!


About Belén Gómez

Graduate in Communications, Movie Direction and finishing a degree in English Language and Literature, her multidisciplinary career includes TV and movie direction, script-writing, video games localization, game design, international project management and multi-platform video game production. Curious about everything, she divides her time between, Serious Games projects, any Assassin’s Creed title and her Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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