Achievement Unlocked! Gamification Best Practices – Melinda Jacobs (Subatomic)

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‘Gamification doesn’t exist!’ exclaims Melinda Jacobs ‘There is no such a thing as a Gamification practice; Gamification is just an observation. We observe Games and find that they engage users in an amazing way and thus the idea shifts to other markets. But why do games work and engage?

Games are designed through the practice of Game Design thinking every single aspect of the experience, all the way! But if you think about Gamification as a magical tool that will boost your profits and users’ engagement, you will be dissapointed.

Just because something increases engagement doesn’t mean that it will be good for your company. Think first why you want to engage someone, what do you want the user to be: ambassadors of your brand? Loyal customers? That should be the core of your Gamification design and not just including PBLs (Points, Badges and Leaderboards).

Think about the structure of your tool. Companies cannot just release a Gamification platform without a goal, a thoughtful design, a solid structure and a narrative. Nail these three and you will be able to achieve anything you plan for your company.

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