II Spanish Health Games Congress is almost here!

HEA_MAY15_II_Health_Congress_logoSpanish are usually praised as talented and creative workers, full of new ideas and unique approaches. An emergent industry like Serious Games is already benefiting of all this. Entrepreneurs from all over Spain, and not only from the big cities, are shaking up what we thought we could do with video games. Would you like to know how the future will be? From June 16th to June 17th in Madrid, you have the chance to meet the protagonists at the “II Spanish Health Games Congress”.

June 16th will be an open day to allow patients to take charge of the Congress discovering how technology can help them and testing the games. A round table with both patients and developers, will go through the opportunities and challenges of Serious Games in the Health industry.

June 17th will be dedicated to the professional sector to share successful cases and new initiatives. From 9 to 20:30, the scheduled conferences will be lead by neurologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, experts in paralysis, lupus, physical therapy and developers specialized in virtual reality among many other health professionals.

medicine photoWe will discover how teenagers could learn healthy habits playing, how Kinect could help sclerosis patients or how a software could detect malaria and tuberculosis parasites.

If you know about interesting health initiatives in the form of video games, you still can submit them to the contest that will take place during the congress. The winner will get free legal and development consultancy for the game’s development plus a cash prize.

To learn more about the contest and other initiatives of the II Spanish Health Games Congress visit their webpage or stay tuned to On Serious Games. We will be there to bring you all the details.

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