Relive – A Serious Graphic Adventure to Learn CPR

relive-logoSome posts ago, we were wondering what if shooter games could save lives. Well, this is not a shooter game, but “Relive” is a sci-fi adventure Serious Same to learn to apply CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques.

This game developed by Studio Evil with the help of the expert in CPR Federico Semeraro takes place in a space facility where something went wrong, so be prepared to attend lots of employees in need of first aid. With a graphic style that Borderlands’ players will love, “Relive” merges fiction and learning also introducing pure gaming items as puzzles and graphic adventure’s dialogs.


Using Graphic Adventure mechanics to teach CPR

“The idea is” as Studio Evil explains it, “to create a fun and entertaining game to gather the attention of the audience, and let the CPR concept slip through the game”

It has three playing modes: History, Training and CPR tournament. The History mode is the perfect way to learn the basics and the theory, the Training mode will help you improve your CPR technique and BLSD (basic life support and defibrillation). The Tournament mode requires Kinect in order to practice with a CPR dummy. This last mode is a big plus, as some people may think that the gaming part is not enough to properly apply first aid and it’s a great tool for teaching in schools or to groups.

We can’t forget this is a simulation and of course, a real life CPR is something not to take lightly, but this Serious Game is a good step to widespread something that we all should learn.

You can play Relive for FREE, on Steam.

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