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Can serious games bring playgrounds back to life?

Video game consoles have increasingly replaced playgrounds. Kids spend countless hours in front of a screen, hours that our parents spent playing outside. Neighborhood playgrounds have increasingly become empty, as they are no longer grounds for the kid’s imagination. They are no longer fortresses to conquer or castles to fight for against the kid next door, as the battle is ... Read More »

Serious Games Congresses and Conferences 2015

Tired of trying to be updated about all that is going on in the Serious Games industry? At we are gathering for you all the key events that you shouldn’t forget this 2015. We will update this list whenever we come across a new initiative and will create very soon an interactive calendar to keep it neat and tidy. Serious Games or ... Read More »

Spanish Health Games Congress 2015: jedis, maracas and serious games

When the host of the II Spanish Health Games Congress announced the Conference “Gamification in Cardiology” we weren’t expecting what happened. Instead of a dressed up, severe looking, middle-aged man, Dr. José J. Gómez, the speaker was a young, cheerful… JEDI! In a matter of moments we had learnt how to identify easy auricular problems and were engaged in a ... Read More »

AdVenture Capitalist: the Irony of the Economy

AdVenture Capitalist is a game full of humor about how senseless is the economic system that rules the world. It’s an unpretentious serious game about the irony of the daily capitalist fight: get everything you can and after that get even more of it. You start by doing some clicks to squeeze lemons and some hours later, you will be running an oil ... Read More »

2 crowdfunded Serious Games projects you want to know about

GloveOne Have you ever experienced Virtual Reality? Were you amazed about watching and listening to things imagined by others? What if touching virtual things were also possible? From playing the piano without a piano to the recovery of feelings you thought lost. If this possibility captivates you take a look to GloveOne by Neurodigital Technologies. You can support them on Kickstarter until July 9th or share the good ... Read More »

Medmyst: Serious Games To Contain Disease Outbreaks

Fascinating and terrifying at the same time, disease outbreaks have always been an object of mankind’s morbid curiosity, for their ability of triggering a deep sense of panic in the society –as it happened with the cases of ebola, avian influenza or the mad cow disease, to name a few. Medmyst is a serious game series of a total of ... Read More »

Do Androids Dream of…Serious Games?

Imagine a world where household robots are a reality. While they may not be human-like, or dream of electric sheep like in Philip K. Dick’s novel, robotics is increasingly becoming a tangible reality outside of the universities’ research facilities, and serious games play a big part in this. Yes, you read right. Serious games have scientific uses much further than ... Read More »