Medmyst: Serious Games To Contain Disease Outbreaks

medmyst-ep-01Fascinating and terrifying at the same time, disease outbreaks have always been an object of mankind’s morbid curiosity, for their ability of triggering a deep sense of panic in the society –as it happened with the cases of ebola, avian influenza or the mad cow disease, to name a few.

Medmyst is a serious game series of a total of 7 short games (missions) developed by Web Adventures, which bring you to the first line of epidemics. Set up in the fictional city of Neuropolis in the year 2254, 12 years after the “Great Plague” that killed millions of people worldwide, you must complete a series of challenges in order to become a valuable member of the NCDC (Neuropolis Center for Disease Control) team of experts fighting disease outbreaks.

medmyst-vet-02Both Medmyst Originals (5 missions) and Medmyst Reloaded (2 Missions) present the same mystery solving scheme and a guided “turn-the-page” navigation – but very different situations: from bioterrorist threats to investigating the cause of an outbreak or its contention. Through minigames and interactions, you will collect clues, information or necessary objects that will help you move forward to complete the mission.

Although it is clearly aimed at the younger population, it is surprisingly not a superficial, simplistic game but rather a good example of what a serious game should be, providing a very educational content in a playable format.

So, will you be ready to save humanity from the next disease outbreak? Play Medmyst Now

About Andrea G. Sanz

Graduate in International Business and Marketing by the University of Southern Denmark, is interested in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, particularly regarding neuroscience, and believes on the great possibilities that Serious Games can imply for the development of a healthcare system oriented to personalized medicine. Passionate about nordic languages and culture, she spends her free time writing for On Serious Games from cold Denmark.

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