Video Games can make a better world! – Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk

Video Games could change the world if we played 21 billion hours per week! Don’t you believe it? Over 4 million people have already seen this amazing TED Talk by Jane McGonigal. Were they convinced?

We have declared several times how we love Jane McGonigal’s TED Talks. Watching her conferences is not only interesting because of the subjects she covers (Games are super cool!) but also because she is a superb communicator. If you are interested in learning how to convey your ideas and explained them in a fun, expressive and clear way, we totally recommend Jane.

In February 2010, Jane McGonigal spoke at TED Talks about how video games could make a better world. She had it all calculated: we need around 21 billion hours of weekly online gaming to solve all world’s problems! How is that possible? Aren’t games evil things that keep you out of more important issues like… saving the world?

Let’s see what Jane has to say about it!

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  1. Finally! Some one said it. And at a TED talk at that. Nice. Parents, take notes.

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