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Gamification Europe by Vasilis Gkogkidis

(English version below) Todo empezó con un tweet the Vasilis Gkogkidis, organizador de la conferencia sobre gamificación Gamification Europe. Tras haber sido entrevistado en inglés y francés, Vasilis hablaba de su deseo de ser entrevistado alguna vez en español. ¡Y ahí entramos nosotros! Localizados en Madrid y acostumbrados a publicar de manera bilingüe en inglés y español, rápidamente nos ofrecimos ... Read More »

A look into the Serious Games of 2015 Fun & Serious Games Festival

The famous ‘Game of Thrones’ quote ‘Winter is coming’ marked the beginning of the Fun & Serious Games Festival day of conferences. This little joke referred to the nordic countries presenting their projects during the festival and the creative directors invited (Unravel & Trine 3, Martin Sahlin & Kai Tuovinen) But the same sentence could be applied to the whole ... Read More »

IoT World Congress is just One Week Away!

Ready to discover what the Internet of Things has to offer to the wold? IoT Solutions World Congress is just one week away and we can’t wait! Wearables, biosensors, Big Data analytics, smart cities… so many interesting propositions that will change health, energy, transportation, technology and with all of it, the way we live and play! 16-18 September are the ... Read More »

Serious Games Congresses and Conferences 2015

Tired of trying to be updated about all that is going on in the Serious Games industry? At onseriousgames.com we are gathering for you all the key events that you shouldn’t forget this 2015. We will update this list whenever we come across a new initiative and will create very soon an interactive calendar to keep it neat and tidy. Serious Games or ... Read More »

II Spanish Health Games Congress is almost here!

Spanish are usually praised as talented and creative workers, full of new ideas and unique approaches. An emergent industry like Serious Games is already benefiting of all this. Entrepreneurs from all over Spain, and not only from the big cities, are shaking up what we thought we could do with video games. Would you like to know how the future will be? From June 16th ... Read More »