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If you still think South is not worthy, you better reconsider your thoughts. The third edition of South Summit has just come to an end and we are still buzzing about all the creative projects presented during the event. 100 entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to potential investors: thermal energy, water saving, acne treatment and of course, Serious Games… for parents! Take a look to the most interesting games projects we found in South Summit, maybe they are what you have been looking for!


little-smart-planet-1-638After school it is difficult to sit your kid in front of the workbook, isn’t it? What if they could use your (so desirable) tablet, to review their lessons? Wouldn’t be a win-win situation? Little Smart Planet has been designed to help kids practice the key subjects in school: Maths and Language (English and Spanish available), while parents keep a track of the progress. Developed according to the Spanish Education regulations, Little Smart Planet follows the rhythm of the class avoiding frustration when facing new exercises.

Tablets are not parent’s enemies, they could be a powerful ally in children’s learning making homework more engaging and equally valuable. And, let’s face it: Haven’t you abandoned paper books for eReaders?


Gomins_SpaceshipWe all know our kid’s grades in school but, what about socialization? Are they feeling ok? Do they have problems interacting with other kids? Expressing their opinions? Nervous? Shy? Sad? How  do they handle frustration? Sometimes kids behave in a different way inside and outside their homes. But how can parents track that without waiting for the tutor to call?

Gomins helps parents follow their kid’s emotional intelligence development through games. While kids have fun with Gomins’ activities, parents and teachers can follow their performance through a tracking platform and be aware of any problem. Gomin helps parents detect the issue and suggests possible activities to handle it. But the last step is in parent’s hands! These activities or ‘missions’ are real-world activities, designed to make families work together. Gomins is not a tool to teach kids emotional intelligence, is a tool to guide parents to help their children grow happy and healthy. Because no one said being a parent was easy!


Non-English Speaking Countries will find LingoKids like an answer to their prayers. How can you help your children learn English? Especially if you don’t speak a good English yourself! LingoKids is an App to Learn English as a second language for 2 to 6 years old kids, the best age to learn a new language. In a colorful and cheery way, the app present kids with new words and situations, guiding them to apply everything in real scenarios like the kitchen, the wardrobe or dancing lessons! Take a look to their trailer to see how:

All of these Serious Games are available in English and Spanish and commercialized under a subscription model. Parents sign up their kids and pay a monthly fee to access the platforms. The best things are that they are cheaper than after-school classes or tutors, your kid will probably enjoy them more and as a parent, you will never lose the control of children’s education. All of them offer free trials so, why don’t you take a look?

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Graduate in Communications, Movie Direction and finishing a degree in English Language and Literature, her multidisciplinary career includes TV and movie direction, script-writing, video games localization, game design, international project management and multi-platform video game production. Curious about everything, she divides her time between, Serious Games projects, any Assassin’s Creed title and her Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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