A Street Fighter with scientists? Yes! And it’s called Science Kombat

One of the most amazing things about Serious Games is how they are able to re-imagine almost anything. Even how we learn Science! Have you ever mixed up scientists and their discoveries? Then you need to take a look to ‘Science Kombat’ a classic fighting game with a twist.

This time you won’t be controlling super muscled warriors or fierce Victoria’s Secret models with little clothes on. This time you will be Einstein! Tesla! Darwin! or even Stephen Hawkin!! and you will fight with the natural super powers they discovered.

The purpose of the game is not for you to understand the theories, but just bring science a little closer to human beings. The funny and imaginative animations contribute to easily remember who did what and bring a little light to what they meant for humanity.

Here you have the whole list of characters and some of their cool combos.

Darwin and the Evolution Combo

Einstein and Relativity


Hawkins and Wormholes

Madam Curie and her Radium attack

Newton and fearful Gravity

Pythagoras and his theorem

Tesla’s Death Ray

As weird as it sounds, the company behind this project ‘Super Interessante’ has created similar projects in the past. ‘Filosofighters‘ followed the same principle confronting famous philosophers like Nietzsche, Marx, Plato or Descartes with their ideas used as special fighting combos.

If ‘Filosofighters’ was a lot of fun, ‘Science Kombat’ promises even a better experience, especially because its superb pixel art characters. The artist behind the game is Brazilian illustrator Diego Sanches. He has managed to create fun but informative animations that bring the “serious” component to the game. You can see all ‘Science Kombat’ animations and more about his work in Sanches’ personal website.  

‘Science Kombat’ is currently a work in progress game though we hope really soon we will be able to put Tesla on top of the world’s most important scientists even if that means kicking some of their asses first.

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