Using video games for storytelling in fifteen minutes

thirty_flights_of_loving_onseriousgames‘Thirty flights of loving’ is a first-person narrative game we could define as the result of mixing Monaco and Dear Esther. In fifteen minutes, you get the whole story, about the three main characters involved in an alcohol smuggling operation.

Blendo games’ creation is an extraordinary example of how to tell a story by using very little resources – the game has been made with Quake 2’s engine. It’s true that in this case, game mechanics are adding little to the user experience, as the player has little participation (basically walking through the game and picking objects). However, most of these games assume a more passive role for players, creating something closer to a movie.

The story is basically a heist drama (the planning of a theft) and has been well received by critics: the game has become remarkable because it’s able to tell a good story, in fifteen minutes, without voice or acting and making a great use of ellipsis. Maybe in the same way that comics do, but with a really limited use of words and dialogs, ‘Thirty flights of loving’ uses the immersion and the omission to create a fresh style of storytelling.

You can find out more about Blendo Games in their website or get Thirty flights of loving at Steam.

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