Save or crush humanity? Choose with “The Majesty of Colors”

Have you ever thought you were a powerful and mystic monster able to do whatever it wants? Confess you have. All of us wonder sometimes how it would feel to be the bad creature starring in an action film. Well, in The Majesty of Colors you can be a huge marine monster, at least for a couple of minutes. Now you have an incredible power, what would you do with it?

The game is defined in its official website as a ‘pixel-horror’ game by his creator Gregory Weir, but The Majesty of Colors is more than that: it’s all about decision. You don’t play to reach the power; you already have it. You have human lives in your hand (or in your tentacles), so you decide what to do: you can help them or you can kill them. The choices you make lead to different endings and they determine how you wake up from this dream.
The focus here is on what you would choose to do if you had the power to manage other lives as easily as it is to point and click. The simple mechanic of the game enhances the idea of a-“god-like” power. Why save/kill those humans? Because you just can. There are no complications about the reason of your existence. You just can, as a divinity.

majesty of colors coloredLet’s suppose that you want to be a ‘good’ creature and save all humans, but you fail because you don’t know how to, where to click to save them. Well, that’s why ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and your learning will take some lives on the way. Remember you’re ‘perfect, and titanic, and serene’.

A beautiful and simple reflection about who we really are. You can play The Majesty of Colors for free on your computer at Future Proof Games, Inc. website

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