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Video Games can make a better world! – Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk

Video Games could change the world if we played 21 billion hours per week! Don’t you believe it? Over 4 million people have already seen this amazing TED Talk by Jane McGonigal. Were they convinced? We have declared several times how we love Jane McGonigal’s TED Talks. Watching her conferences is not only interesting because of the subjects she covers ... Read More »

The Gamification of Life by Jesse Schell

In February 2010, professor Jesse Schell (Schell Games) gave an interesting, humorous but slightly apocalyptic talk at DICE Summit, where he illustrated the way in which games can –and will- affect our behavior in a future where we lead gamified lives and where all our actions are reward-based. Today, much has changed –but many of Schell’s thoughts are still undeniable. While at first ... Read More »

Videojuegos y Educación en las Charlas TED

Video magistral para entender la importancia de videojuegos y simuladores en la educación y de la asimilación de los juegos a edades tempranas. El ponente, Gonzalo Frasca, es autor de la tesis “Videogames of the oppressed: videogames as a means for critical thinking and debate” sobre juegos informativos. En esta charla TED dedicada a Videojuegos y Educación, Gonzalo Frasca usa ... Read More »