AdVenture Capitalist: the Irony of the Economy

adventure-capitalist-2AdVenture Capitalist is a game full of humor about how senseless is the economic system that rules the world. It’s an unpretentious serious game about the irony of the daily capitalist fight: get everything you can and after that get even more of it.

You start by doing some clicks to squeeze lemons and some hours later, you will be running an oil company!! Then, you will have enough money to hire managers who will run your empire for you while you’re not playing. When you’re rich enough, you attract “angels”; investors that reset your progress in exchange of increasing your profit. The percentage will depend on the number of investors you were able to drag to your business.

Soon you will find yourself watching numbers increase faster, buying more branches of your industries, in a compulsive and addictive way. And to complete the ironic message, you can spend actual money to get special features and make your empire even bigger. Why would you like to spend actual money in an idle serious game? It’s easy, because you will see your account grow even more!

You won’t understand the whole capitalist process by playing AdVenture Capitalist, so I can’t define it as en educative serious game about economy, but it is a good exercise to stop a little bit and think about the basis of our economic system.

You can play Hyper Hippo’s AdVenture Capitalist for free at Steam and Kongregate or download it on the App Store and on Google Play.

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