Spanish Health Games Congress 2015: jedis, maracas and serious games

When the host of the II Spanish Health Games Congress announced the Conference “Gamification in Cardiology” we weren’t expecting what happened. Instead of a dressed up, severe looking, middle-aged man, Dr. José J. Gómez, the speaker was a young, cheerful… JEDI! In a matter of moments we had learnt how to identify easy auricular problems and were engaged in a ... Read More »

Medmyst: Serious Games To Contain Disease Outbreaks

Fascinating and terrifying at the same time, disease outbreaks have always been an object of mankind’s morbid curiosity, for their ability of triggering a deep sense of panic in the society –as it happened with the cases of ebola, avian influenza or the mad cow disease, to name a few. Medmyst is a serious game series of a total of ... Read More »

II Spanish Health Games Congress is almost here!

Spanish are usually praised as talented and creative workers, full of new ideas and unique approaches. An emergent industry like Serious Games is already benefiting of all this. Entrepreneurs from all over Spain, and not only from the big cities, are shaking up what we thought we could do with video games. Would you like to know how the future will be? From June 16th ... Read More »

What if shooter games could save lives?

As you might have noticed, this website is about Serious Games. What could be more serious than being able to save a life? However, statistics show that more than 70% of the population has not received first aid training. A perfect example of the generalized first-aid ignorance is the recurrent question: “Quick! Is there a doctor in here?!” that we ... Read More »

Ingress: Conquer the world while exercising

The world is not what you think it is. Around your house, your restaurant, even in your favourite park, a battle is going on. A battle for the minds of the population. Would you like to help forge the future? Welcome to Ingress. Ingress is an augmented reality game that allows players to interact with the real world while fighting ... Read More »

10 Enfermedades que la Realidad Virtual te ayudará a combatir (2)

Que los videojuegos y la Realidad Virtual pueden ayudar a tratar enfermedades o incluso a curarlas, es un hecho del que ya hablamos en la primera parte de este artículo. Si te la perdiste, puedes visitarlo aquí. Vamos ahora a por las 5 siguientes enfermedades que la Realidad Virtual puede ayudarte a combatir. 6. TDA-H: Síndrome por Déficit de Atención ... Read More »

10 Enfermedades que la Realidad Virtual te ayudará a combatir (1)

Cierras los ojos y de pronto te encuentras en una playa desierta. Un instante después buscas refugio en medio de la guerra de Vietnam. O escuchas a tu monitor de gimnasia particular. Muchas películas nos han mostrado cómo sería nuestra vida si estuviéramos rodeados de realidad virtual, pero pocas han incidido en lo que esa realidad virtual podría hacer por ... Read More »

Un e-learning ayuda a entender a los enfermos con problemas de comunicación

juego serio salud

Bajo el lema “Now hear me: It’s my right to speak” (“Escúchame: Me toca hablar a mi”), la asociación escocesa NHS Education, ha lanzado una campaña para ayudar al público general a comprender a los enfermos con problemas de comunicación. La herramienta elegida ha sido un e-Learning que ayuda a identificarse con las dificultades de los pacientes. Desde enfermos de ... Read More »